Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You See Results

We use methods and strategies to help you gain traction in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but also do so in a manner to help increase your chances of staying ranked for those keyword terms.

Search engines, such as Google, index at various levels over time. In most cases, it can take 4-6 months for any changes to your website to be fully listed, indexed, evaluated, and ultimately ranked by search engines.

Despite what companies may promise, the only companies that control how fast results trickle in are search engines.

Furthermore, an initial ranking is the first step. The real work comes in keeping you ranked for keyword terms.

A Company is Promising Me 1st Page Rankings, Can You?

No, and we never will.

The truth is a lot of companies use these promises, accompanied by extremely low rates, to lure in companies. The initial steps in any search engine indexing (listing) your website is an initial ranking, and often times companies use automated processes, or “black hat” methods (that violate guidelines) to get you immediate results.

These tactics put your website at risk. With methods that violate guidelines your website can be penalized, and also banned, from search results, ending up wasting the money you spent and erasing any progress you made.

Often times, companies that use a bad SEO company have to pay another SEO company to clean up the mess.

While we do not promise results, we do often see results that stick, within the first few months of service, if not sooner.

Do You Offer Contracts?

While we pride ourselves on month-to-month services, we do also offer contracts for clients who request a long-term commitment.

These contracts come with discounts, and can also include an exclusivity clause that prevents a direct competitor from utilizing our services.

What Are "Budget-Friendly" Prices?

While we try to keep our costs affordable as possible, pricing ultimately comes down to your industry competition, and the number of keywords you wish to focus on.

After consultation, we construct a proposal that offers 3 pricing tiers. You can choose whichever you wish to start, and have the flexibility to move from Tier to Tier each month.

For very basic SEO (depending on the aforementioned factors) we often can start at $500 per month.

What Can I Expect During a Consultation?

If you request a phone consultation we will setup a time to speak with Anthony DiMoro.

During the call we will go over your goals, current structure, your website, your industry, and what your expectations are.

From there we will construct a proposal, and email you that once it is completed.

Once payment is received in full, we start services.

How Many People Work at Elite Rank Media?

Just One: Anthony DiMoro.

“I am selective with the clients and projects I take on. My passion is SEO, internet marketing, and online business, so you can rest assured that when you go with my company, you are getting my very best.

I am available, helpful, and pride myself on establishing long-term business relationships.”

Are You Available for Hire?

For more complex projects, I am open to being on staff, but only if I can work remotely.

Additionally, I do not share any methodology, strategy, processes, or intellectual property while working with clients or a company. These are owned solely by Elite Rank Media, and the works of Anthony DiMoro.

If you are interested in discussing, please use our Contact Form.